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The oyster Port and its small oyster museum

Embark avex oyster farmers and fishermen from the Bay of Arcachon !

Embark avex oyster farmers and fishermen from the Bay of Arcachon !

The oyster is open 3 hours before low tide. You will assist in loading the barge before leaving port. After a quiet sailing in channels to parks, you contemplate the slow withdrawal of the tide. The sand is dry? The park can begin work on ...

You are introduced to the skills of a secular profession that has shaped a quality product. Next day, you attend the laying of spat collectors, or the reversal of resawing oyster bags, cleaning parks and commercial harvesting of oysters.

The tide gives the ship afloat. It is time to return the cabin to unload oysters oyster, sort ... and enjoy!

With fishermen, discovering treasures Basin ..

The skipper will welcome you and attend to the preparation of fishing equipment. Then you leave the harbor in the tranquil ocean basin or swell direction: the favorite fishing spot of the professional!

You Watch the changing of nets or traps set the day before. Fishermen show you the main techniques in the art for the fish caught retains its flavor.

Finally, the boxes of siches, sole, eel, bars, bream .. you are returning to port. There, while you watch the landing of fishing, the boss delivers his last secret: a recipe typical Basin!

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